Application Fields

Mostly unknown by the general public one can find technical textiles in numerous areas of daily life. In the automotive industry, as isolation materials for buildings, in the shoe industry - to name some of them.

Everything is possible or will be possible. High-tech applications in combination with components made with metal or synthetics as well as conducting and/or coated elastic fabrics. Also flame-retardant fabrics, heat-resistant and low-wear fibers, fibers withstanding traction of up to several tons, UV-protection, protection from mites and from germs are for applications in industry, on the forwarding sector, on the health care sector, for protective clothing, for the building industry, for agrarian textiles, for packaging, for sun protection and for geologic textiles.

Technical textiles require efficient innovation intelligence and at the same time a considerable investment in reseach and development, above all the expertise knowledge of specialists like us. BOOS Textile Elastics made a name for themselves as reliable, expertise partner and supplier in such application fields.

Technology and Development

BOOS Textile Elastics, being a traditional enterprise, offer a wide range of integral conceptions for highest requirements as solution to the diversity of applications. For both elastic narrows and elastic fabrics.

We are your expertise and innovative partner and consultant for textile products.

All customers’ inquiries, requirements and specifications are realized in a target-oriented way by our highly qualified team members and by our modern fully integrated production. These pre-conditions allow us to meet new challenges on the sectors of development, production and finishing.

For our projects, intensive contacts to and cooperations with universities and testing institutes guarantee the consideration and adoption of latest developments and methods in the textile high-technology.
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