BOOS Textile Elastics produce knitted elastic fabrics in their factory of Goch. Yarn combinations made with synthetic fibers, natural fibers and elastanes are converted on modern raschel machines and warp knitting machinery. Our production of highly elastic jacquards, spacer articles and double-faced fabrics completes the scope of our production possibilities.

Thanks to a modern machinery and internal testing facilities BOOS Textile Elastics are equipped to comply with the requirements by our customers and by the markets. Our focus is on the production of elastic fabrics for the industries of lingerie and corsetry. Nevertheless, articles for health care products and technical applications are manufactured as well.

Narrows - General

Thanks to our experience and expertise proven in many years in our range of a diversity of products you will find the right product for almost all your application purposes. The following slides display only a small selection of our products. In addition to the articles displayed we also produce materials for health care and orthopedic applications as well as for a diversity of applications in the field of technical textiles. On demand we develop products taylored for your special requirements.

Borders, Pipings, & Picot

Set the benchmark with small details – with solutions by BOOS.

Soft borders with decorative edge ornamention or edges with special functions. Gloss pipings and delicate picot elastic trimmings highlight beautiful, high-quality lingerie and corsets. A clip elastic hides the edges of knits and avoids direct skin contact. We can dye our narrows in any fashionable colour shades of your choice.

Embossed Narrows

An impressive experience of international reputation: Our structured woven and crochet galloon trimmings.

High-quality and precision embossment of our woven and crochet galloon trimmings. Motives and logos of your choice. A perceptible distinction to convey your tradename to the customers.

For coloured motives we offer our high-quality print.

Fancy Narrows

Our specialty: Fashionable and functional elastic narrows – that’s no contradiction.

Woven and crochet galloon narrows with a diversity of optical effects, with trendy and functional yarns as decorative and at the same time functional component of high-quality lingerie and corsets, or narrows for sportive to elegant or invisible conversion.
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